Friday, May 18, 2012

Being A Green Inn

Worm composter
When guests come to stay at the inn they always ask what does it mean that you are a green inn. Well we are part of a program through Maine EPA that certifies lodging establishment in Maine called Environmental Leader. We get a certain number of points for everything we do. Some of our green practices are the following;
-We have three different kinds of ways to compost leftover food waste, a worm composter, two outside barrel composter and a European electric composter, that we use a lot in the winter when our outside ones aren't composing.
-We recycle most everything as the city of Portland has a great curbside recycling program.
-All left over bake goods get frozen and brought to the Soup Kitchen in town.
-We only use environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry product, in fact we make most of our cleaning products.
-Our lights are LED or CFLs and we have sensor lights in the common area and halls.
-All our painting and remodeling projects are done with earth friendly or recycled products.
- We also try to "Buy Local" as much as possible, coffee, dairy, maple syrup, honey, wheat flour to name a few. We are a member and supporter of Portland's Buy Local movement.
These are just a few of our practices here at the Wild Iris Inn. We also always welcome suggestions from our guests!
Wild Iris Inn "Growing Green Since 2002"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Come for a Bike Ride In Portland!

 Spring is here and we just dusted off the Wild Iris Inn bikes and got them into the shop for their spring tune up! We have two bike for guests to borrow while staying at the inn. Portland is a great bike friendly city.
A new Portland Bike Map was publish this year that shows all the great bike trails in greater Portland that you can borrow while at the inn.
Also Summer Feet Cycling, 866-857-9544,,  has two bike tours in Portland, a 5 Lighthouse Tour that runs daily at 10am and a Explore Casco Bay, that take you out on the ferry to Chebeaque Island for a ride around and lunch at the inn which is offered Saturdays in July and August!
Or bring your own bike and have your own riding adventure!
 So hop on your bike and do some exploring!

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