Friday, May 18, 2012

Being A Green Inn

Worm composter
When guests come to stay at the inn they always ask what does it mean that you are a green inn. Well we are part of a program through Maine EPA that certifies lodging establishment in Maine called Environmental Leader. We get a certain number of points for everything we do. Some of our green practices are the following;
-We have three different kinds of ways to compost leftover food waste, a worm composter, two outside barrel composter and a European electric composter, that we use a lot in the winter when our outside ones aren't composing.
-We recycle most everything as the city of Portland has a great curbside recycling program.
-All left over bake goods get frozen and brought to the Soup Kitchen in town.
-We only use environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry product, in fact we make most of our cleaning products.
-Our lights are LED or CFLs and we have sensor lights in the common area and halls.
-All our painting and remodeling projects are done with earth friendly or recycled products.
- We also try to "Buy Local" as much as possible, coffee, dairy, maple syrup, honey, wheat flour to name a few. We are a member and supporter of Portland's Buy Local movement.
These are just a few of our practices here at the Wild Iris Inn. We also always welcome suggestions from our guests!
Wild Iris Inn "Growing Green Since 2002"

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