Friday, January 8, 2010

Innkeeper's Vacation

After seven years of running the Wild Iris Inn by myself and no time off in the last two years I decided it was time to get away for a month and relax. So I decided to do a road trip with my dog Basil. I left the inn in the trusty hand of my assistant/housekeeper. January is my slowest month so I decided that would be a good month to leave. I spent the fall trying to decided where to go. I ruled out leaving the country as this was the first time I left the inn that long and was a little nervous about it. So I settle on the panhandle of Florida, the forgotten coast as they call it here. I had never been to that part of Florida and it looked like there were lots of State Parks, National Forest and beaches to explore. I rented a place on St George Island, mainly because it had a dog friendly beach right across the street. I figured the rest of the trip I would visit family and explore along the road.
Of course when I got here they had the longest cold spell that anyone could remember. It has been sunny and it usually warms up by afternoon so I get down to two layers instead of three. It has been great hiking weather and Basil does not seem to mind the cold. We have already done looks of exploring and looking forward to more. The beaches here are incredible beautiful. I can walk the beaches and trail and not see a soul.
I can already feel myself relaxing and wondering why it too me seven year to figure I needed more time away from the inn. I know I will go back to our long Maine winter a happier innkeeper and will look forward to planning next years adventure.
Diane Edwards
Wild Iris Inn
273 State Street
Portland, ME 04101