Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring is here!

The hardest thing I had to adjust to when I moved to Portland was the long Maine winters and the short growing season. After living in California for 19 years I got spoiled with the short winters and incredible variety of local produce available. Last fall I decided to plant a hundred daffodils at the Wild Iris Inn to welcome in the spring. People in living in Maine by March are craving spring. The first promise of nice weather Mainers are out in shorts and t-shirts. It surprises my guests when they come up in early spring and they are all bundled up and see people walking around like this. I go the the flower show in March just to see and smell the flowers as I am pretty deperate by then for spring as we still had snow on the ground this year. Now I know spring is really here when my daffodils bloom and the Farmers Market opens! Tomorrow I will go to my first Farmer's Market of the year at Deering Oaks Park and stroll through the wide variety of vendors and pick up some lettuce starts. So this is my first pictures of my daffodils and next the Iris' will bloom!

Diane Edwards
Wild Iris Inn
273 State Street
Portland, ME 04101

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